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Ngày đăng: 29/5/2017 .
Product Description
Surge Protection for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System
The OBV5-C20 series Surge Protection are designed to protect against lightning surge voltages in photovoltaic power supply networks. These units must be installed in parallel on the DC networks to be protected and provide common and differential modes protection. The OBV5-C20 series is available for the main operating voltages in photovoltaic: 400 Vdc.
The use of OBV5-C20 series Surge Protection is recommended at both ends of the DC power supply line (solar panel side and inverter/converter side), especially if the line routing is external and long. The electrical diagram of the OBV5-C20 series is based on high energy MOVs equipped with specific thermal disconnectors and related failure indicators. The OBV5-C20 series is made with plug-in modules to allow a fast and easy maintenance in case of failure (disconnection from the DC network).
Product Features
OBV5-C20 series Surge Protection for Solar Photovoltaic (PV) System
Discharge currents In: 10 kA / Imax: 20 kA
Plug-in modules
IEC 61643-1 compliance
CUAJE part number OBV5-C20 series
Network voltage 400Vdc
Max. operating voltage Uc 430Vdc
Nominal discharge current ln 10kA
Max. discharge current lmax 20kA
Protection level (at In) Up 1.5kV
Thermal Disconnector Internal
Mechanical characteristics
Dimensions See diagram
Connection by screw terminals: 4-25 mm2 / by bus
Disconnection indicator 1 mechanical indicator by pole
Mounting symmetrical rail 35 mm
Operating temperature -40/+85°C
Protection class IP20
Standards compliance
NF EN 61643-11 France Parafoudre Basse Tension - Essais Classe II
IEC 61643-1 International Low Voltage SPD - Test Class II
EN 61643-11 Europe Parafoudre Basse Tension - Essais Classe II
Installation and Connection Diagram